Who is Brock Ramirez?


Brock’s passion for animation started at a very young age. His mornings, evenings, and weekends were spent consuming cartoons. It did not matter the channel or content. If it was animated, he was watching it. Often, he finds himself wondering how he managed to watch so many animated movies and cartoon series! However, it was this obsession that sparked a thought in young Brock’s mind; “People do this for a living?!” What a wonderful thing, he thought.

When he was bored in school, which was often, he would turn his textbooks into flip books. These would tell the perils and adventures of stick figures as they attempted to survive to the end of the book! Brock’s passion to be an animator had been set aflame!

Brock was an avid people watcher. He was fascinated by people; how they move, their mannerisms, attitudes, and emotions. Each person was a story and he loved learning what makes people tick. This remains true of him to this day. He soon realized that animation was the career he must pursue at any cost! That is exactly what he did. He received his BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2005 but his quest for learning animation has never stopped. His passion and talent for animation had been noticed during his senior year attending Otis and by October 2004, Brock was creating his first animations for a professional company. The career had begun.

His love for animation is evident in how many hours he spends animating. Animation for Brock is not confined to the moments he walks through the doors of the company he works for. He spends 40-50 hours per month volunteering his animation skills for a non-profit organization.

Brock lives with his soulmate, Bethany. If they are not busy hosting friends, they can be found watching Sci-fi or animation.

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