Animation masterclass by Michal Makarewisz

I had mentioned in my post about CTN the masterclass by the Animation Collaborative that is on the road. Well, it came to Burbank!

It was everything I needed to keep me feeling fresh in my technique while adding methods and new techniques. The class inspired me to keep on animating! Michal has a very unique method of animating which, at first, my pose-to-pose brain could not understand. But that was why I took the class. I wanted to understand the “layered animation ” technique. By the end of the first day, not only did I understand, but I was convinced. This is a new legit way to animate. The beauty is that this proves that animation as an art is still evolving even at its core!

The class was well worth it. I highly recommend! I need to cut this short. Silly busy lives we lead… I do need to update me demo reel. It’s way too old and terrible.

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