Here you will find a collection of various animations I have done or am working on.

My latest challenge. My work with Zynga has not offered many opportunities for me to put into practice the many techniques I have learned. I have been able to use them with volunteer work I have done, however, even those tasks had very tight schedules. This is still work in progress.

Here is a quick walk cycle I did with the dino beast rig from Truong CG. (check out his awesome rigs here This was a cool challenge. Here is a beast that is humanoid but very much an animal. I wanted his walk to seem a nice mix of dinosaur heaviness and human intelligence.

Yummy Gummy characters were so fun to animate. They could be whatever we wanted them to be, but they were to always be squishy and fun-loving. I was tasked to bring appeal and personality to these little guys. That was fun.

I had a great opportunity to animate Chloe for the Secret Life of Pets puzzle game. Now, we didn’t end up animating for the game, but we did the prototype and initial set up. I am not sure if my animations made into the final game but there are a couple that look very familiar. Here is an animation I did of her doing a swiping motion which was later used to have her open the fridge door which revealed the puzzle.

Chloe picking a piece off the board and expressing her displeasure. She is a picky eater after all.

This was for a prototype mobile game we did for Ratatouille. The prototype worked in that it got us work with Disney and Pixar doing Dream Treats, but unfortunately, we didn’t do Ratatouille. This was an animation for the Title Screen. Remy is looking out at Paris.

This is another Title Screen animation of Remy eating food while enjoying the scenery of Paris.

In game animation that would play when you successfully cooked a recipe.

In game UI overlay animation. Remy would react to your awesome score.

This was a proof of concept I did for a 2.5D character mixing 2D texture flipping/scrolling for facial animation. I rigged the character very low with less than 10 joints.

This is an animation I did for Farmville: Harvest Swap. One of the last animations I did before our studio location was shut down. It was fun doing a Scooby-doo inspired level. Kids solving mysteries in creepy places.